5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Minimal exercise has the most benefit

“Benefits of Very Little Exercise Demonstrated in Medical Studies

        Activity                                                                       Benefit
       55 flights of stairs a week                                                33% lower death rate
       One hour of gardening a week                                        66% lower risk of sudden cardiac
       Walking one hour a week                                                51% lower risk of coronary disease
       Exercising 30 minutes just 6 days a month                    43% lower mortality
       Regular demanding household cleaning                         Lowered heart attack risk by 54%
                                                                                               in men and more
                                                                                                 than 84% in women”

        “Researchers reviewed 44 exercise studies and found that most of the benefits of exercise kick                    in with the first 1,000 Calories of increased activity each week...To burn 1,000 calories a week,
        or about 145 Calories a day, most people need to increase their activity slightly.”

              From Introduction to Clinical Nutrition, 2012, Third edition, Vishwanat Sardesai,CRC              Press,      p19

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