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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reduced obese excerpt from new book

Excerpt from New Book: The Tubby Approach to Diet and Exercise

posted Oct 3, 2011 9:59 AM by Brian Edwards
Diet and Exercise programs have and will fail because of the THE REDUCED OBESE PROBLEM.

Look at the people who have succeeded.  The National Weight Control Registry has a list of 6,000 people who have succeeded.  God bless them and God have mercy on them.  
In the Obesity Issue of  Medical Clinics of North American Sept. 2011 on p 945, Dubnov-Raz & Berry write “Both men and women(in the NWCR) consumed a low-fat diet (24%) and exercised to use 470 to 360 calories  kcal/d, respectively.  The net energy balance was 918 kcal/d for women and 1225 kcal/for men.  These reduced obese subjects ate an average of five meals a day and conducted a very regimented existence.”

Every commercial diet program must have a disclaimer at the bottom of their advertisement.

IF this product is successful you will become one of the REDUCED OBESE.
Adverse effects of this condition:
1-The leptin threshold (plateau or settling point) will be reached.
2-This will make you more hungry, decrease your metabolism and cause you to make more fat.
3-It will take you off your high calorie expending physiology (EE) and knock you over to a new energy expending physiology that will force you to be on a very low calorie, high exercise product for one to two years to get rid of many of the adiposites that make the leptin  and allow you to return to your previous energy expenditure physiology.
4- The result of being on this sub-starvation diet may scar your psyche similar to concentration camp internees. (see Ancel Keys study)

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