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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sponge Syndrome: another excerpt from new book

Sponge Syndrome: after reaching the state of reduced obese several compensatory mechanism causes weight gain on a relatively low calorie intake.  

1- Reduced basal metabolism
2- Reduced metabolism during exercise
3- Increased hunger due to several hormones: Insulin, Leptin, GLP-1
4- For diabetic and people with insulin syndrome; carbohydrate intake is driven to fat accumulation due to high insulin levels in insulin resistant people.
5- Driving cross country, fly for 8-15 hours are opportunites for fat accumulation
6- Periods of poor health and stress usually result in short periods of less exercise and more eating which causes rapid weight gain and fat accumulation.
7- Studying for exams- stress causes more eating with more prolonged sitting.
8- Writing books causes long periods of sitting.

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