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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weight lifting is to protect joints not lose weight

  TITLE PAGE 4: Resistance training is good but not essential

Tim Church’s Ultimate Workout:
High Intensity one day a week
Resistance training (weights) 1-2 days a week
Aerobic 45-60 minutes a day
Stretching 4-5 days a week
Presented at the Core Conference at the Obesity Meeting in Orlando in Oct. 2011.

Caveat emptor
“Weight lifting has virtually no effect on resting metabolism.”
“If the man lifts weights and gains 2.2 kg (4.4 lbs) of muscle, his metabolic rate would increase by 24 calories a day”
Claude Bouchard as related by Gina Kolata in her book, The Ultimate Fitness p230.  2003.

As a physician I am happy if I can get my patients to walk 20 minutes a day.
For people with metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes or diabetes, the more exercise the better as it helps insulin resistance. 
I do not suggest exercise to lose weight.  It only works in the long run for Marathon runners.

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