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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glycemic index- Brazilian bean study

Market in Belum, Brazil
(Am. J Clin Nutr 2007; 86(3): 707-13. This was an eighteen-month randomized trial of a low-glycemic index diet and weight change in Brazilian women. Two hundred eight women were on two diets with 41-point difference in glycemic index. They did not have a significant difference in weight loss. No differences in hunger. To replace fat with fruits and vegetables does not seem to make a difference [as opposed to sugar and refined carbohydrates].)

A low glycemic might be defined as < 50

 Potato, white, baked in skin 85
Whole wheat bread (one slice) 77
Bran flakes cereal 74

Popcorn, microwaved 72 Pineapple, diced 66 Oatmeal instant, cooked 66 Raisins 64

Beets, canned 64
Figs, dried 61
Corn, sweet, boiled 60
Granulated table sugar (sucrose) 68 Brown sugar 59

Kiwi fruit 58 Apricots 57 Banana 52

I tried to eat healthy, by eating: Apples 38
Avocados 0
Cherries, sweet with pits 22 Grapes, green 46

Pears 38

(I ate fruit every day. I had a salad every day with Newman’s balsalmic vinaigrette. I gained 58 lbs. over four years despite two hours of exercise

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