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Friday, June 1, 2012

Scotttsdale NLA lab results June 2012

New Lab results from National Lipid Association meeting.  Fasting results.  Lab taken at same time from two different companies.  I have remained on low carb diet.  My weight remains at 251 pounds.  I exercise at moderate intensity about 1 hour a day.   My basal metabolism test showed I burn 1350 calories/day. 

LDL-P               779
HDL-C                47
HDL-P                30.3
Small LDL-P    386
Large HDL-P      4.7
TG                      54
TC                     110
Non-HDL-C       56
LDL-C                52

apo B                                   53
Apo A1                              137
Total Cholesterol (TC)       113
HDL-C                                 49
Triglycerides (TG)               65
Non-HDL-C                         64

The important numbers are:
 LDL-P      779
apo B           53

I take Lipitor 20 mg/d,  Lovaza 4,000 mg/d.
I had stopped endur-acin 1,000 mg/d in Jan. because I had a small gastric ulcer.  I stopped crestor because of cost.  I will now cut my lipitor to 10 mg/d and resume endur-acin 1,000 mg/d.  

I am a case study of one. 
There are no larger studies of low carb dieters with extensive advanced lipid testing and CAC and CIMT results. 


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