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Friday, March 21, 2014

New Study Validates Endur-acin in Tubby Theory

This trial validates my experience with Endur-acin described in my book from Tubby Theory from Topeka 2010

I have no financial interest in Endur-acin nor Slo-Niacin nor Niaspan.  

I am a retired lipidologist and have tried to bring attention to a low cost, safe, low side effect combination treatment which can be used to prevent 100,000 Sudden Coronary Deaths in America.  50% of these deaths have death as first sign of the disease.  We need to do CIMT's and CAC' and LDL-P's on everyone with one risk factor for cardiac events.  If plaque present we need to Rx with combo Rx Endur-acin (or Slo-niacin) with low dose Atorvastatin to prevent the rupture of plaque that causes sudden death.  

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