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Friday, May 8, 2015

Calculate Calories needed to maintain weight at diet plateau

"What is true and what is practicable"?? 1 min 52 sec video

These graphs from 8 years of LOOK AHEAD trial do not achieve what Betty says her program below does.

The slides below ignore the fact that the reduced obese must have net 20% less calories than a person of the same weight who never has dieted.

Columbia's Dr. Leibel on the reduced obese 1 min 40 sec clip

At the NY Presbyterian College of Medicine Obesity Board Review these 3 slides were posted when talking about breaking through the plateau.  Need to calculate your calories just to maintain the weight you have lost.  


Three Commonly used Prediction Equations for Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) from pg 271 Handbook of Obesity edited by Bray and Bouchard.

Reference from Handbook of Obesity pg. 270
"A few equations have proven to be more appropriate for obese individuals, but they remain controversial."
"In overweight and obese subjects, the best approach is to measure the resting component by indirect calorimetry."

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