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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PREDIMED diet from Spain is the Mediterranean diet that is evidence based

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"A total of 7,447 persons in Spain were randomized to either
1- a Mediterranean diet with increased extra virgin olive oil,
 2-a Mediterranean diet with increased nut intake, or 
3-a control diet where the participants received low fat diet advice. 

The high extra virgin olive oil group ingested an average of
 3.6 tablespoons/day (51 grams/day equal to 459 calories/day) 
of olive oil with 98% of it being extra virgin olive oil. 

The high nut group ate 8.2% of their total daily calories in the form of nuts, including an additional approximately one ounce packet of nuts (15g of walnuts, 7.5 g of almonds, and 7.5g of hazelnuts) provided by the study coordinators. "

Table 1

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