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Friday, September 11, 2015

Preparing for a week of tenderloin steak

Preparing for a week of tenderloin steak 

The Atkins diet or the LCHF (low carbohydrate high fat) is often criticized because people can't sustain the restriction on carbohydrates.  All diets are restrictive but do they satisfy hunger?  These photos show one part of how I have stayed on a LCHF diet since 1/2011.
(Link to book documenting first year on LCHF while traveling)

Here is a typical 7.45 pound tenderloin fillet that I buy at Sam's every 7-10 days.
At $12.78 it seems expensive.  Is it more expensive than eating out?

Fillet cut up into 14 steaks.  Size varies from 4.5 oz to 11.5 oz.
$95. 21 divide by 14 = $6.80 for a steak dinner.  Impossible to find tenderloin steak for that price in a restaurant?

The weights of 14 different steaks above.

  6.5 oz steak

Largest steak from the tenderloin. 11.5 oz.
I had this steak last night.
(Calorie breakdown of my core LCHF diet link)

I heat up the grill at high flame for 5 minutes and then cook each side of steak for 5-6 minutes at medium heat.

I did not marinate this steak.  I do that if I have time.  I avoid steak sauce (Heinz 47) by using butter.  3 tbsp of butter is about right to add to a cooked steak.  Butter makes LCHF diet much less restrictive and more flavorful.  Problem with Vegan diet is you still can't eat cheesecake.

This bag has about 3 servings of salad.  Since I had a large steak last night, a cup was enough.  I will often return to leftover later at night if hungry.  Very quick and easy to mix up.

Simple satisfying affordable quick meal.

I look at wine as a replacement for dessert. 
Below is quote from Handbook of Obesity by Bray and Bouchard:
"Alcohol is not essential for body functioning and is thus not considered a nutrient.  In fact, it is rather occasionally perceived as a toxin.  It is then surprising to note that body metabolic processes, including energy partitioning, are oriented toward giving priority to clearing alcohol from the body.  
Alcohol drives its own oxidation,  and its thermic effect exceeds that of carbohydrate.
Alcohol clearance also benefits from energy partitioning since its oxidation has priority over fat oxidation... Suter showed... alcohol... resulted in an immediate daytime reduction in fat oxidation of about 45 g/day."
"some nutritionists.. consider alcohol consumption are equivalent to units of fat intake.
 p294 and p295 vol 1Handbook of Obesity 3rd edition 

I do eat some carbs.  I had a bagel with creme cheese yesterday before a early meeting.  I had cold cuts with mayo for lunch. No bread. Dinner is as I outlined above.
This morning my fasting glucose was 135 (good for me)  ketones 1.0 and my weight was 238.5 lbs.

After five days of morning carbs as it was included with the hotel, some NYC pizza I gained 5 lbs to 245 weight.  When I got off the plane from NYC I was 245 pounds.

I was 235 lbs. on July12 while on Qysemia before leaving on my 48 day vacation on July 14.

I ran out of Qysemia while on the cruise on Aug 11. On Aug 14 I re-started Victoza and ran out of that on Aug 29.

I resumed strict LCHF on Sept. 6.  I was never hungry, I lost 6 lbs.  in 5 days off Qysemia and Victoza. .  Of course most would say it was water loss.  I have also decreased my Actos from 45 to 30 mg since Sept. 6.  That might have helped water loss.

I write all this to point out weight loss is complicated.  Exercise and calories did not change much in the above days.
In NYC on Sept 4 my Fitbit said I walked 17,000 steps.  I weighted 3 more lbs. the next morning Sept 5.
 I do walk more when on a cruise as I try to walk around the deck after each meal and probably averaged 10,000 steps a day.  Of course I ate more calories.

As a diabetic, I believe LCHF diet is the best diet.  I have kept to it for almost 4 yrs 8 months.
I am never hungry.  I exercise less than when I ate fruit.

I did not lose much weight of LCHF.  I remained at around 258 lbs.

I finally lost some weight with Victoza but the real weight loss occurred when I add Invokana.
30 lb weight loss with Invokana

Some nutritionists claim Carbohydrates are "essential".  Not true.  Some fats and amino acids are essential as the body does not produce them.

Thus some nutritionists say 60% fat on a diet is unhealthy for you fat.

I have kept careful records to show regression of plaque on LCHF.
Evidence of good arteries with CAC & CIMT link

I have yet to see other diet gurus published similar data with CIMT.

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