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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Update on Tubby Theory - Add Zetia to list of proven drugs and lower LDLc is better

The Tubby Theory advises goal LDLp <750 nbsp="" p="">
IMPROVE-IT showed that lower LDLc is better.

Dr. Dayspring disagrees with using Niacin before Zetia as a second drug. I quoted an article on March 26,2014 by Dr. Dayspring where he defended Niacin in 2 of the outcome trials before, but now he reverses himself. 
 Here is an exchange I had on twitter with him. 

Need trial low dose combo vs. high dose statin in high risk naive drug group before we can be certain which is best

  1. I am suggesting a head to head trial is needed in naive drug patients. Low dose statin/matrix niacin 1k mg vs High dose statin. Result?? 
  2. I one arm does not reach LDLp goal then add zetia to that arm.
  3. Goal is to avoid side effects while reaching LDLp goal.
  1. I love Zetia as 3rd drug. Economics for society calls for cheapest, safest treatment.

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