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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meat causes cancer definitely?

 Population studies are what they are.
I treat individual patients. 
 Individuals need screening colonoscopies.
 Insulin resistant obese need or Atikins diet. 
High levels of  LDLp need statins. 
To know if you are on a healthy diet get:

 For a good analysis of this new study read this article link

Below is a quote from the article. 

As Professor Phillips explains, “IARC does ‘hazard identification’, not ‘risk assessment’.
“That sounds quite technical, but what it means is that IARC isn’t in the business of telling us how potent something is in causing cancer – only whether it does so or not”, he says.
To take an analogy, think of banana skins. They definitely can cause accidents, explains Phillips, but in practice this doesn’t happen very often (unless you work in a banana factory). And the sort of harm you can come to from slipping on a banana skin isn’t generally as severe as, say, being in a car accident.
But under a hazard identification system like IARC’s, ‘banana skins’ and ‘cars’ would come under the same category – they both definitely do cause accidents.

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