5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Use scientific metrics to know if your diet is healthy for you.

As a Diplomate of NLA in Lipidology and presently studying for the Obesity boards I swim through the morass of data, personal experience and what works.

All weight reducing diets are restrictive. 
 Find out which one you can stay on for the rest of your life.
The one with satiety is the one you can probably stay with.

To find out if you have a healthy diet you need 3 tests:
 LDLp, (the particle number)
CIMT,  (carotid imtimal medial wall thickness) Ultrasound
CAC  (Coronary artery calcium) CT scan of the heart

I have documented 5 years of CIMTs link.

I don't know of ANY other dietary writer who has done this.  
Please back up your affirmations with information even if it is N=1.

CAC's can be false negative in women and younger people.  

HDLc, TG and ratio are not crucial.  It's all about LDLp or apoB.

If you have no plaque and your LDLp is less than 1,000 then you have a healthy diet.

Most obese have Insulin resistance.  I think they need LCHF.

Otherwise, eat what you like, just don't gain weight.   

If you go to my site you see I have done quite a few tests. My metrics on 60% fat diet
I think once you get the basic three, and get the LDLp less than 750 then you can check vitamin D, CRPhs, TG. 
I think ratios and HDLc and HDLp confuses the picture and gives some false hope.
If you have IR and are overweight.  Yes, lose weight.
I think the answer for that is LCHF and diet meds.
I am down to 231 lbs on Qysemia on LCHF.  I don't count calories, I walk 20 - 40 minutes most days.
Ketones 1.2
Glu 160 fasting
Hgb A1C 6.9

I have cut down my Actos (pioglitazone) from 45 mg to 30 mg to 22.5 mg.

Invokana and Victoza have helped me lose weight on LCHF without calorie restriction as well. 

On statins, need to get  LDLp or at least non-HDL-cholesterol 3 times a year.
The goal is to keep LDLp  less than 750 or 
non-HDL-Chol less than 80  to get regression of plaque.
This means you often need to hit LDLp of 500 and not accept LDLp of 800.  

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