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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Report from 4 conferences this year on how to Maintain Weight Loss

At the OMA & TOS, the major challenge in obesity is how to maintain weight loss long term.
At both meetings some speakers betray a bias that more exercise is the solution. 
 From the Evidence Analysis Library (EAL) Go to this link for different levels of evidence

The solution to maintenance of weight loss is not more exercise.
1-TOS conference in LA said it’s 300 min/week. (NOV. !5)
2-OMA conference in Washington DC said it’s 400 min/wk. (OCT> 15)
3-Obesity conference at  Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in NYC in 5-15 said it doesn't work especially if calories are not kept low. 2 minute video Richard Weil M.Ed CDE St. Luke's (MAY 15)
4-National Lipid Association (NLA) in Pittsburgh also discussed this subject here (9-15)

National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) on 1400 cal with 1 hr exercise a day just to maintain weight. loss. NWCP are a special group of people that can live a life of starvation in face of the biology of leptin and ghrelin. Half of them did it completely on their own. More info on NWCR

Recidivism with surgery and in reduced obese requires one of four new diet medications, not more exercise.
You can't outrun your fork especially with the adaptive thermogenesis (reduced obese HBO video 1min 40 sec)

At  TOS, Dr. Kushner’s talked on weight loss maintenance. he put up a slide showing a sub-cohort of the group that maintained 10% wt. loss over 10 years in LOOK AHEAD.  I think it showed bias that he did not also show the bar graph that matched the 10% weight loss of the control with the treatment group. 

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