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Friday, December 11, 2015

Validation of Tubby Theory from Topeka

Dr. Sniderman interviewed Oct 2015 on LDLP and apo B link

My book published in Jan 2010 The Tubby Theory from Topeka
 is validated by Dr. Sniderman who was one of my instructors. 
 He lays out all the evidence that particle number is the important biomarker to follow.
  I documented I did this back in 2009 in my book with my patients in my lipidology practice.  

This interview also discussed the new field of apoC3 which I knew nothing about in 2010.

I suspect this new information explains why I have not had progression of atherosclerosis on 60% fat diet link.

ApoC3 reduced in patients with low triglycerides. 
LCHF diet is well know to reduce triglycerides while low fat diets do not if they contain high carbohydrate levels. 

I write about this transition in
 Free manuscript: The Tubby Traveler from Topeka

Most importantly, I document plaque regression with Serial CIMT's

I believe I am the only person to document that my personal diet is healthy for my arteries by serial CIMT's. 


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