5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Friday, December 25, 2015

Worried about eating too much saturated fat this Christmas?

5 Articles discussing if saturated fats are bad (link)

After reading the five articles above, read a balanced article at this link by Maki 

Dr. Maki writes:
"However, caution is warranted because results from studies in nonhuman primates and mice, as reviewed by Dr. Rudel, have suggested that dietary MUFA compared to SFA intake may not protect against the development of coronary artery atherosclerosis, despite favorable changes in serum lipoprotein lipids.40, 42
There is little clinical trial evidence available regarding MUFA intake and CHD outcomes, but in epidemiological studies researchers have examined this relationship."
"The net effect of a particular dietary change may also be modified by characteristics of the population being studied. Individuals with
1-insulin resistance,
2-metabolic syndrome,
3-diabetes, or
may respond differently from those who do not have these conditions."

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