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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Topeka Tubby To the Rescue

 Topeka is 8th Fattest City in USA 

My notes in purple
This news article reported that:
‘Topeka ranked eighth in a listing of America’s most obese cities.”

“According to the poll, which surveyed the 190 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas, 33.3 percent of Topekans were considered obese.”

“The total obesity cost for the Topeka metro area was listed as $109,839,216.”

“If Topeka reached the 15 percent obesity level as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the city would realize a savings of $60,362,092”.

“The report stated Americans living in the 10 areas with the highest obesity rates pay an estimated $1 billion a year more in health care costs than they would if their community obesity rates were lowered to 15 percent.”
“It is clear that every city in the nation has work to do to reverse an alarming trend with implications for Americans’ collective physical health and financial bottom line,” the report stated. “Achieving real and lasting improvement in Americans’ health may come only with greater awareness, education and initiatives at the community level.”

The above quotes come from a 2012 article by:
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It is 2016.  The American Board of Obesity is now a specialty in medicine.  I took that exam in December and am now a specialist in Obesity Medicine(ABOM).

I live in Topeka.  I hope to help make Topeka an Obesity Center of excellence.

My contribution to Topeka as the first and only board certified specialist of obesity  will be:

1- Aggressive use of 4 new diet medications that are now indicated for the lifelong treatment for the Chronic Disease of Obesity.

2- Recruitment of Bariatric surgeons.  New surgeons will want to come to Topeka as I will help the outcome of their patients maintain their weight loss from surgery long term with diet medication if they start to regain weight.  

3- My personal story of losing 80 pounds, regaining 50 pounds despite 2 hours exercise a day and then losing another 40 pounds with diet medications.  I have maintained weight loss since 2006.

4- Teaching the science of obesity

The challenge of obesity is not weight loss.

The challenge of obesity is maintenance of weight loss

The 4 new diet medications are the treatment of the Chronic Disease of Obesity.

I am interested in building a multi-disciplined team centered in medicine but closely working with the Bariatric surgeons to get Topeka to the 15% obesity rate.

Surgeon Denis Hami slides from Wash DC OMA meeting

Link to why Bariatric surgery fails


10 years of follow up after surgery:


On the right notice 5-9% weight gain 6 years after gastric bypass surgery.  

 No Matter how weight loss is achieved physiological changes cause weight regain.


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