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Thursday, February 25, 2016

First page of new book, The Bon Vivant Diet

  To treat the Chronic Disease of Obesity

Most obesity is a chronic disease. 
 Diet and Exercise alone usually fail to maintain weight loss long term.
Even 30% Bariatric surgery patients gain back their weight after 10 years.
Only a small group in the National Weight Control Registry have maintained their weight long term and half of them did it completely on their own. Unfortunately their diet is similar to Ancef Keys diet in The Great Starvation Experiment.  
This is why there are only 10,000 people in this registry out of the millions who have gone on diets.
The largest, longest and best diet trial called Look Ahead failed to maintain the 10% weight loss of most of their patients and was a negative study compared to the control group.
I have good news.  There are four new FDA approved diet medications that may be taken for life.
This book will show that similar to Hypertension and Diabetes, there is no cure for Obesity.  These chronic diseases need lifelong treatment with diet medications.

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