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Thursday, February 25, 2016

I went on a FAST to prevent hunger as I ran out of Qsymia

I ran out of Qsymia yesterday while in Hawaii.
I decided it was a good time to test the appetite suppression of nutritional ketosis.

Previously I  gained weight while in nutrtional ketosis
and exercising one hour a day with weight lifting.

Then I decreased exercise to 20 mins walk per day and Qsymia
while staying on the same Atkins or Low Carb High Diet.
I lost 20 lbs as I was not as hungry and ate less.

Yesterday I held my:
Metformin 2,000 mg
Invokana 300 mg
But I continued my Victoza 1.2 mg.

I was surprised that I did not get crazy hungry as I had in previous decades.
I was probably well prepared as I started out the fast in a state of my usual ketosis at 1.3
I was hungry at times and slight nausea as I drank coffee.
 A little dizzy and difficulty in mental focusing around 5 PM.
 I didn't go for my usual 40 minute walk.

I started my FAST in my usual state of NK on LCHF
7:30 AM     Glu:   142   ketones 1.3  weight 222 lbs. 
Noon:         Glu:  134
5:00 PM     Glu:  111    ketones 2.3
9:30 PM     Glu    94    ketones 3.5
11:30 PM   Glu    99    ketones  3.1
6:30 AM    Glu   110    ketones  3.9  weight 219 lbs

Breakfast at 7 AM 3 eggs 3 slices bacon Cooked in butter Coffee w half and half
Snack- 2 handfuls of almonds

Lab Post Prandial done at 11:00 AM on a High Protein High Fat Low carb breakfast
Glucose 143 from 110 AM fasting
Ketones 3.0 from 3.9 AM fasting.

For me, its clear when I don't take my morning Invokana 300 mg and
Meformin 2,000 mg my glucose will get elevated with protein and fat alone
while in ketosis.
I did increase my Victoza to 1.8 mg this AM as I ran out of Qsymia. 

 My wife (who is also type 2 DM but does not follow LCHF)  fasted with me.
Her glucose was 94 yesterday afternoon and 124 this AM.
 Her ketones 0.3 after 34 hour fast.
 She didn't take her metformin either.

It was a fun experiment with my wife as a sort of control.
There are many physiologic teaching lessons in this experiment. 
Since I believe in the Bon Vivant diet so I don't intend on fasting again ;)

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