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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Summary of Low carb gurus misses the main point of science

Corby Cummer article and my response in purple

" As Dietz points out and as Ludwig’s diet (not to mention behavioral psychology) is premised on, once something becomes routine you crave it less—including food that was once forbidden"

This is not true as demonstrated for Dietz type diet in the LOOK AHEAD trial 

The closest diet to Ludwigs is found in
 2 year Shai trial ad libitum low carb high fat diet 

On page 14 of his book Always Hungry
 Dr Ludwig writes;
"In full disclosure, this diet-like all other diets-hasn't been fully proven."
Dr. Ludwig claims "improving the quality of what we eat will program fat cells to store fewer calories, in effect reducing the "body weight set point".
My theory The Sponge Syndrome claims that the billions of white fat cells that the obese have never go away even with massive weight loss. 
 These cells are like a sponge that will regain fat with any type of diet that is not low calorie for the reduced obese.  
LCHF helps because the satiety does allow lower calorie diet but ultimately multiple diet medicine will be needed over the long term for the disease of chronic obesity.  
I believe the fat cell cannot be retrained. 
 We have to trick the brain that it is not starving with diet medications and reduce food intake that way. 
 Reduce calories with satiety and no hunger with diet medications. 
 I am sure Dr. Ludwig's diet works for a few years but as the graph shows there is a waterfall effect of results that gets worse over time. 
I suddenly realized I was on 5 diet medications

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