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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Began working toward recertification in Lipidology.

I paid $550 today to take the National Lipid Association Lipid Academy Course.

The first lecture is given by Dr. James Underwood.

Here are some quotes highlighted in red.

"Atherosclerosis is a single pathological process that may begin in-utero."

"The process of atherosclerosis does require the deposition of lipoprotein particles in the endothelial space to start the process."

"The first step is still unclear and is a duality of processes: 
Whether the increase in the number of apo B causes the endothelial dysfunction or 
the endothelial dysfunction allows the increased infiltration of apoB lipoprotein is still unclear."

I read this with surprise. 

My understanding is that the main mechanism of apoB particles infiltrating the endothelial space is the concentration gradient of the particles.  A high concentration gradient outside the space causes the apoB particles to enter the space.  In a similar way a low level caused by statins can cause regression of the particles from the space?

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