5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Sunday, March 27, 2016

How to get Docs and patients to take statins earlier and longer

How to sell drugs like insurance or a lottery? link

'Dr Ethan Weiss (University of California San Francisco) told heartwire that rather than a lottery analogy, he likens the results to buying insurance.
"It's not talking to patients about a win, it's talking to them about a loss," said Weiss, who was not involved with this research. "For fire insurance, I'd be subsidizing the very rare events that could happen. I may not have a fire and never know if I would have had a fire. But if I do have a fire, at least I'm protected," he explained.

"These are the types of conversations we're good at having when it comes to implantable cardioverter defibrillators―that they're basically insurance policies. Rather than a win, like with a lottery, it's more about preventing risk."

"In addition, a greater lifespan increase was found in those who started a primary prevention intervention at an early vs later age."

"Instead, potential lifespan gain decreased as the age at initiation increased.
For example, initiation at 50 years produced a gain that was almost two- to three-times that of someone who initiated treatment at 80 years."

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