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Sunday, May 8, 2016

I wrote about my Biggest Loser experience in 2011

I lost 80 pounds and then was told I would maintain my weight if I exercised 60 minutes a day.
I exercised 180 minutes a day.
I gained 1.5 pounds a month till I gained 50 lbs.
I ate low glycemic fruit for energy.

It all changed in Jan 2011 when I read Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat.
I cut down my exercise to 20-40 minutes walking a day.
I went on Atkins.
I traveled around the world on Cruises.
I stopped gaining weight.

I wrote about my experience in 2011 in a book. 

The Tubby Traveler from Topeka

 The above link is free access to my book.

I wrote about the concept of the reduced obese. 

I conceived the Sponge Theory on weight regain in the reduced obese. 

I have maintained my weight loss and am now down to 212 pounds thanks to diet medications not diet and exercise. 

I followed my Bon Vivant Diet 


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