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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Repeating the same thing that doesn't work is definition of insanity

By J. Ravitz CNN 
"These figures remain high in spite of the "hundreds of millions of dollars" that have been pumped into research, trials, observational studies, community and hospital programs, and the development of devices and drugs, said an accompanying JAMA editorial."

I quoted Gina Kolata in 2011 on p 144 of The Tubby Traveler from Topeka 

Editorial |

The Unrelenting Challenge of Obesity

Jody W. Zylke, MD1; Howard Bauchner, MD1
JAMA. 2016;315(21):2277-2278. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.6190

 Paragraph above from the JAMA editorial. 

The solution will be found in basic science that is presently ignored. 
Ochner and Greenway reviews 2016 

 This lesson was taught in the way we treated cancer and HIV in the early days. 

 The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer 
demonstrates how it was not till we learned basic immunological and genetic science (much of it HIV research) that we learned to treat specific cancers. 

Gina Kolata put a spotlight on the new Obesity science in 2008 in Re-Thinking Thin

 After I read Ms. Kolata's book, I realized I was one of the Reduced Obese. 
I wrote a book about dealing with this in this free manuscript The Tubby Traveler from Topeka

I theorized in the Sponge Theory 2011 that billions of shrunken fat cells never go away in the reduced obese.  This causes a very low leptin level which makes your brain believe it is starving.  Subsequently, despite diet and exercise will not maintain weight loss over long term.  It has in a small percentage of people found in  NWCR.

What I have written has been further validated in another article by Gina Kolata  The Biggest Loser

I passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine exam in Dec. 2015. 
I took the exam because I wanted to go back into practice to treat the reduced obese with 4 new obesity medications.

I have been retired from practice since Dec 2009.  I plan to open a Obesity Cholesterol Clinic and want to re-certify with the National Lipid Association.   I attended the Masters Program at the NLA New Orleans meeting in May 2016.  I was disappointed that the obesity portion of the program was not up to date as I describe in this blog editorial:
Obesity update needed in Masters Course at National Lipid Association. 

I have learned the new science of Obesity.  Maintaining weight loss of the reduced obese is not done with diet and exercise, that
 Starvation diet approach
 has failed. 
LOOK AHEAD 10 year long trial

My approach:

Bon Vivant diet

Topeka Tubby Diet in 4 sentences 

My data on Qsymia and Victoza:

I have

 Chronic Disease of Obesity
 and need to be on diet medicine for life


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