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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Most important discipline for weight loss patients

Dear Patient,
You write me that you are busy in the morning and don't have time to log in your weight everyday. 

I understand how difficult these changes are,  that is why I ask for very few of them,  because I think they need to be done for the rest of your life.

I write my weight down on a piece of paper.  That way if I don't get to the computer right away, I can get to it later.

1-I avoid asking patients for a food diary because while effective it is unsustainable.

2-I avoid asking patients to walk one hour a day because while shown to work for NWCR it is unsustainable for most.  Injury hinders many.

3-I avoid asking patients to count calories because again not sustainable for life and often inaccurate.  To measure carefully with scales and cups not sustainable. 

4-I avoid asking folks to use prepared meals because while effective it is expensive.

Lifetime rules
Keep it simple, do what works.      (NWCR tend to eat same thing everyday)
Don't let yourself get hungry.                  (High protein snack between meals)
Avoid all carbs.                                        (Especially for insulin resistant)
Walk at least 20 minutes a day.                (For health, not weight loss)
Avoid sitting but keep moving, standing      (for weight loss)

However, it is very important to weigh yourself everyday. 

The NWCR people do this, it prevents sudden large weight gain which the reduced obese are susceptible to. 

It is very important to record it in your internet spreadsheet that only you and I have access to, so that I can monitor your progress and check in with you to encourage you when you are treading up in weight or not recording weights.
 If you are not recording weights I have no idea where you are in the program. 
I am not going to wait a month to see how you are doing.
 Often a patient has an emergency that causes them to miss an appointment and then I don't know a patient's progress for two months.  In the reduced obese patient that is a lifetime.

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