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Sunday, July 10, 2016

National Weight Control Registry 2016 Annual Survey

This is what the disease of Chronic Obesity Looks like link

Today I was asked by NWCR to fill out my annual survey.

The big change in the last year is that I went on Qsymia. 

It has made a major difference without needing to change my ad libitum diet or my 20 minute one mile walk a day.  I also drink alcohol.

Below is a summary of how I maintained weight loss since 2006.

I was 280 pounds when I made this contract with myself:

I lost 80 pounds by 11-06(nine months of diet)
 and maintained that weight till 12-07 (13 months of same diet)
I maintained 80 pound weight loss for 22 months.

(No one told me that nothing gets rid of the billions of shrunken fat cells I had accumulated)

As the slides states, I was able to lose 80 pounds in the first nine months.

I maintained the low plateau weight of 205 to 210 lbs for the next 13 months staying on 1500 calories a day and exercising 2 hours a day.  

This is as good as most bariatric surgery results. 

I gave up on the 1500 calorie diet and concentrated on exercise in
Jan 2008.
 I slowly gained 50 lbs back.
I did not get all the way back up to 280 lbs as I switched to Atkins in Jan 2011.  

By 12-17-09 I was back up to 250 pounds
I maintained a 32 pound weight loss from 2-06 till 1-11.
This still made me a success in the eyes of NWCR.
That is almost 5 years. I have not counted calories since Jan 2008
Remember, 30% of all bariatric surgery patients gain all their weight back

I did not want to continue to gain weight as I knew I would have to back on Insulin.  The high level of exercise was not making a difference for weight loss. ( I later heard the phrase "You can't outrun your fork" from Yoni Freedhof. )

I could not bare the thought of a 1500 calorie diet again.

Then I read Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat in Jan 2011.
I went on Atkins and I stopped gaining weight.
I probably was not in nutritional ketosis because I ate so much protein.

I did not lose weight but I had cut back on my exercise to 20-40 minutes walking a day.  I ate ad libitum Atkins so I was never hungry.

I maintained the 248 pound weight with the Atkins and 20 min. walk until   

3-3-14 Went off Insulin and started Invokana  weight 262 pounds

6-24-15 Started Qsymia  weight 244 pounds

11-7-15 Tapered off Actos and restarted Victoza 225 pounds

Dr. Louis J Aronne, Chairman of ABOM  has taught me the use of diet medications.  He has taught that several medications may be needed as the body tries to compensate the effects of a single medicine.  This is why drugs are now given in combination for life long treatment of the Chronic Disease of Obesity

7-1-16 No change in ad libitum Atkins and 20 min/mile/walk/d 220 lbs
The only change is I eat less on the 6 diet medications
4/5- Qsymia (phentermine/topiramate)
6- Caffeine in coffee during day as needed.

(I have increased exercise since 6-20-16 when I started water aerobics and started light weight circuit weights.  I was 216 pounds before the exercise) 

For my case:
1-I was told I could maintain weight loss with 90 minutes exercise a day.
Not true.
I did 2.5 hours of exercise a day with water aerobics, weight lifting with two different trainers during the week, walking and bike riding. (I mixed it up to avoid muscle memory)

2-I was told nutritional ketosis would decrease my appetite and cause weight loss. 
Not true during the period I documented NK with serum strips. 
3-I was told that low glycemic carbs in later phases of the plateau will not cause weight gain especially if burned off by intense exercise.
Not true.
To my regret I don't have body composition information during this early period.

Now I do have body composition data since starting Qsymia one year ago:

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