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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It take 14 years for a new idea to be accepted

Finally after the Biggest Loser Data,  science is being accepted and believed.

What’s All This Talk About Slow Metabolism?

The Reduced obese state has been well known for many years.
 I learned about it at The Obesity Society Meeting In Orlando in 2011.

Gina Kolata wrote about Rosenbaum and Liebel's work in her excellent book Re-Thinking Thin from April 2008.

 I learned from these sources and developed the The Sponge Syndrome.
 When the Obese become the Reduced obese they retain the billions of excess fat cells in the form of shrunken fat cells that are low in Leptin.
This deficiency makes the brain believe the body is starving and will not stop believing it is starving until the billions of excess fat cells are replenished with fat.
For years the reduced obese have been told to exercise 40-60 minutes a day and eat 1200 to 1500 calories a day to maintain weight.  Interestingly, this is this the same program Ancel Keys put 32 volunteers on to test a Starvation diet for 24 weeks.  

 This is why the reduced obese regain weight despite exercise and relatively low calorie intake.

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  1. What's a lifestyle based weight loss intervention? Not LCHF, I'll wager.