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Sunday, September 18, 2016

POW starvation diet = guideline maintance diet?

My interest has been in understanding why people fail to maintain their weight loss.
If you are one of the reduced obese take heart.  The guidelines are asking you to stay on a starvation diet for the rest of your life.  Here are two examples.  

I went to the Kansas State Museum and found an interesting exhibit on a POW from Topeka.  Here is the diet he was fed during his internment in WW2:

1.25 cup of white rice= 300 calories.  3 meals a day=1200 calories.  Not sure how many calories I should give the 400 cc of soup? 200 to 400 calories/d?

National Weight Control Registry tips to maintain weight loss link
“A clue may be found when studying a ‘rare’ clinical subject: a reduced obese person who has succeeded in losing weight and maintaining the new body weight for more than a year.

The National Weight Control Registry documented the metabolic and behavioral cost of maintaining a reduced obese state of maintaining a reduced obese state for more than 5 years.”
Men 1225 kcal/d net after exercise
Women 918 kcal/d net after exercise p. 945
Dubnov-Raz & Berry
Medical Clinics of North America Sept. 2011

Can You Eat 7 Calories/Pound a Day  for the rest of your life?

The Great Starvation diet trial by Ancel Keys link


  1. I just happened across your blog. I follow many exercise/low carb nutrition blogs/twitter users, and also happen to be from Topeka! I've maintained a 100 lb weight loss for over 16 years by eating low carb, and unfortunately, lower calorie for my height/sex/activity level. However, one must do what it takes if one is to maintain a loss. Good luck with your endeavors.

    1. Sorry for your missing your note. Congratulations you are one of 5% who can do it.