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Friday, April 27, 2018

How To Break Out a story of important information. Struggling for the Tipping Point

I have been using twitter and my blog to get some attention in the media and public.  I have 74,400 hits on my blog as of this morning.  

I am hoping to get some response from these reporters.  I have tweeted them before. I have never had a response from Gina Kolata over the years.  

I basically want my original idea of The Sponge Syndrome to be recorded in the media and internet as I feel my theory of the billions of fats cells that never go away in the reduced obese acting like a sponge that cause weight gain because of the great number of cells sending out the starvation message(via the episomes called MiRNA) of low leptin to all the other cells in the body. 

The greater the number of fat cells the greater the number of episomes sent out.

Second point for campaign: There is no other book on The Chronic Disease of Obesity.  It is the second unique aspect of my book. 

Third point for campaign: The suggestions in my 2010 book The Tubby Theory from Topeka have been accepted in terms of advising non-HDLc as a biomarker instead of LDLc and the routine screening use of CAC CT scan in people with a calculated 5% risk of a cardiovascular event. 

Fourth Point: My idea of the multiplier effect of treating high LDLc  very early with statins has since been advanced by major Lipidology leaders. 

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