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Friday, April 13, 2018

The science of Lipidology and Obesity must be integrated

A letter to my mentors at National Lipid Association and Obesity Medical association.

My path to writing The Chronic Disease of Obesity Feb 2018

My first NLA meeting was in Kansas City at the Intercontinental Hotel on 10-19-06.
I passed the NLA boards on 9-27-08.
I wrote the Tubby Theory from Topeka in Dec 2008 because no one on TV pointed out that Tim Russert was not at goal for nonHDLc.  Suggested we call nonHDLc the Tubby Factor.
  I was honored to be awarded to be a Fellow of the NLA on 5-1-09 in Miami.
 At that Miami meeting Alan Brown promised to let me speak on Obesity at an NLA meeting. 
I heard Dariush Mozaffarian speak about saturated fat at NLA meeting in Washington DC the summer of 2010. It was a sea change for me. 
True to Dr. Brown's  promise, I gave the Hunger Games Lecture in Roosevelt Hotel March 2015 NOLA
I was accepted to put up a poster at the New Orleans meeting in 2016
Published The Tubby Traveler from Topeka April 2012.  Elucidated the idea of the Sponge Syndrome. 
Passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine Exam on 12-10-15

I want to thank you all and especially Dr. Thomas Dayspring for guiding me on a life of scholarship that has been wonderful.  
I was enthralled by Tom when he gave a lecture in Lawrence, KS.

I have tried  to combine both disciplines of Lipidology and Obesity into a coherent approach to maintain weight loss and prevent complex plaque with what I call the multiplier effect of treating early with low dose atoravastatin, endur-acin and ezetimibe for synergy. less side effects and low price. My present book attempts to explain why people regain weight due to low leptin which can be avoided in the long term with multiple lifelong diet medications. 

I hope you will read my short book on line for $4 kindle version and I would love to hear your comments.

Thank you for a wonderful educational experience, I have tried to apply what you taught me in my books.

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