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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Someone finally noticed The Sponge Syndrome!

I made a new friend/fan today. 
Here is my first fan letter. 
My comment in purple

"Sponge Syndrome"


William Lachowsky will.lachowsky@gmail.com

Sep 19, 2018, 11:11 PM (9 hours ago)
to mefulfillment
Hi, Brian.
Hi, Will, thanks for contacting me. 

"Sponge Syndrome." #spongesyndrome

You doctors have invented a medical term for virtually anything
 and everything that you don't understand. 

I concur Will. We Doctors do like to do that. 
 Especially when trying to diagnose
sick patients that come to our office. 

You once believed homosexuality to be "a disease, to be cured." 

Actually, I personally never thought that 
as I had friends at an early age explain it to me. 

That guy in England who invented the coding machine 
that cracked Hitler's Enigma,
 shortened the war and saved millions of additional lives, 
you gave him pills that were supposed to "cure his homosexuality," 
until they killed him.

I saw the movie, it was a shame.  I am grateful to "that guy".

Lawyers aren't much better. Centuries ago,
 a German author wrote that "people from the 
Caucasus mountain range region in western Asia"
 have the "whitest, most beautiful skin." 
The country's Founding Fathers later used his novel's entry 
in order to legally justify slavery, giving control of the country
 to what the Supreme Court called "Caucasians." #caucasus

Thanks, Will, news I can use.

The accountants are no different. 
According to film maker Michael Moore, 
in the first decade of the twenty-first century, 
accountants and executives at Citibank, J. P. Morgan and Bank of America 
created something that they called a "plutonomy," 
intentionally using Wall Street,
 the Fed and the government to help make the American Dream
 possible for less than one percent of the country's population 
born into the nation's wealthiest families.

Again thanks for sharing your wisdom.  I had to look up plutonomy
Seems like history repeats itself in the 1% fact, unfortunately.
Like you, I am also looking for an honest man link
Will, have you found one yet, excluding yourself of course?

My point is, you doctors, lawyers and accountants
 need to just completely abandon the notion that the degree
 and the paycheck make you "intellectuals." 
As a matter of fact, the grueling, unhealthy, expensive education 
actually dumbs you down instead of making you smarter
 or more knowledgeable, 
Probably true Will.
and that's assuming that you don't just do what the priests 
Thanks for the benefit of the doubt on that
do and assume the title of "Reverend" or "Doctor" 
and then put on glasses,
 trying to look smart or like a 
credible, researched, educated, experienced,
trustworthy intellectual
I was taught: Dress for Success. 
Hard to get patient's trust otherwise.
You are right Will, with the word "TRYING"
#doctor #reverend #foureyes

"The Tubby Theory from Topeka." #tubbytheory #topeka

Brian, there is no "tubby theory," from Topeka,
 that you didn't mystically invent.
 This is actually what came from Topeka.
Wow a second plug for my books.  
Will you are just too kind and generous.
Thank you again.

No surprise by your history lesson on Topeka.  
We do have many Germans here

The "Fitter Family" and "Better Baby" 
competitions of the 1920s came from Topeka.
 Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger
 helped to create both them and the broader 
American eugenics movement that founded #Hollywood.
 Margaret Sanger sold the idea to Congress, 
helping Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge to pass the 
1924 Johnson-Reed Immigration Quota Act
 that deported my great-grandfather Hyman Lachowsky 
back to Germany,
where he eventually died in a concentration camp.

Will, I am sincerely sad to hear of your loss.

 Margaret Sanger sold the idea to Hitler while he was in prison,
 in Bavaria, writing Mein Kampf with Rudolf Hess.
 The Johnson-Reed Act ultimately banned immigration 
into this country by
 Europe's Jews, Slavs, Russians and eastern Europeans.

Once again, seems as if history is repeating itself 
here and many other countries.

That's what actually comes from Topeka, Brian.
Eugenics and the idea that
"the fat people are going to eat all of us."

The term "fat people" is politically incorrect.  
Please clean up that language Will.

This is what comes out of Topeka presently.
Will, I think this link might make your day for your next letter.
I am happy to help you out with this Will.

You're an idiot, Brian.
 You're a quack who writes shit books, for money. 
Show me your credentials and
stop calling yourself a "medical doctor." #md
"Will, and your point is?"

You are wrong about the making money thing, 
can't argue with you about the rest.

Thank you.

Will Lachowsky

Thank you Will. 

In the next letter please get into the details of
1- what is wrong with my theories and 
2-the way I practiced medicine for 40 years. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Familial Hypercholesterolemia

The article below is an article easier to read by a reporter


The blog below is more difficult for lay people to read despite my efforts to edit the text's main points.

UpToDate quotes found here but there may be a fire wall.

  1. 1 hour ago

    1. Some require the performance of genetic testing while others require very high levels of LDL-C 
    2. with or without other clinical characteristics."

    3. 3/ "There are multiple definitions of FH in the literature.
    4. Some require the performance of genetic testing while others require very high levels of LDL-C with or without other clinical characteristics. Other inherited lipid disorders are discussed separately."

    5. 4/ UpToDate differentiates FH from Clinical Dyslipidemia.

      I need 
       to make a clear statement of the differences.

  • ONE OF 3 GENES 4 LDL receptor: 
  • 1- the low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor
  •  2-gene (PCSK9) gene 
  •  3-the apolipoprotein B gene Mutations impairs LDLr-mediated CATABOLISM of LDL"

  • 8/ "Mutations in these three genes can be detected in about 80 percent of patients with the definite FH clinical syndrome (also called phenotype) and 20 to 30 percent of those with possible FH syndrome."

  • 9/ "Question arises:
  • What is cause of 20% definite FH and 70 to 80% of possible FH pts,
  • with  some of clinical features FH. 
  • Probably majority of definite  possible FH pts in whom no causative single gene mutations are severe forms of polygenic hypercholesterolaemia

  • 10/ This thread of quotes from "Familial hypercholesterolemia in adults: Overview Authors: Robert S Rosenson, MD Paul Durrington, MD Section Editor:Mason W Freeman, MD Deputy Editor:Gordon M Saperia, MD, FACC"