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Sunday, April 28, 2019


Why write about Montenegro, Macedonia,  Moldova.
Since I have a memory palace listing all the countries of Europe I want to enrich the palace with more research.
When I recited the list of countries to my neighbor, he said he not ever heard of many of the countries.  This is a man much smarter than me at practical items and math.
He doesn't travel but I do.  I wrote a book, The Tubby Traveler from Topeka.
As I looked through my books, I found I had already looked up Moldova but I didn't remember any of the highlighted paragraghs I made.
I hope starting this blog will help despite my Alzheimers.

The process will be fun in any event.


1-"Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, the republics of Serbiaand Montenegro together established a federation known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which was renamed to the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003. 
On the basis of an independence referendum held in May 2006, Montenegro declared independence and the federation peacefully dissolved on 3 June of that year."

2- "The mountains of Montenegro include some of the most rugged terrain in Europe, averaging more than 2,000 metres (6,600 feet) in elevation."

3-" Montenegro believes NATO integration would speed up EU integration.[42] In May 2017 NATO accepted Montenegro as a NATO member starting 5 June 2017."

4- "Bursting at the seams with majestic mountains, breathtaking beaches and larger-than-life locals, minuscule Montenegro proves once and for all that good things do indeed come in small packages." Lonely Planet link

5-"Coup Attempt link 

"On the eve of 16 October 2016, the day of the parliamentary election in Montenegro, a group of 20 Serbian and Montenegrin citizens, including the former head of Serbian Gendarmery Bratislav Dikić, were arrested;[7][8] some of them, along with other persons, including two Russian citizens, were later formally charged by the authorities of Montenegro with an attempted coup d'état."

On 28 April 2017, Montenegro's parliament voted 46-0 to join NATO, while the majority of opposition parties kept boycotting parliament sessions and protesters burned NATO flags outside.[19]Tensions between Montenegro and Russia continued to escalate thereafter.[37]


MACEDONIA ("north")

1- ALEXANDER THE GREAT old stomping ground.

2- Has a gnarled 900 year old plane tree at Ohrid. Photo of tree link

3- "North Macedonia is a landlocked country that is geographically clearly defined by a central valley formed by the Vardar river and framed along its borders by mountain ranges."

4- "On 6 February 2019, the permanent representatives of NATO member states and Macedonian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Dimitrov, signed in Brussels the accession protocol of North Macedonia into NATO."


1- Famous for dry white Sauvignon's.

2- Has two split away republics.  Transdniestr and Gaugauz
"Trans-Dniester unilaterally declared independence from Moldova in 1990. Fierce fighting followed. Trans-Dniester's independence has never been recognised and the region has existed in a state of limbo ever since."

3- "Tin Pot republic" ?

4- Independent from Soviet Union in 1991

5- First Post Soviet State to elect a communist President in 2001.
"Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon was elected president in November 2016, beating pro-European rival Maia Sandu with 55% of the vote."

6- Small but densely populated with very fertile soil.

7- Capital: Chisinau  669,694 (2012)

Recent article on Moldova link  26 February 2019

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