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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jerusalem, Israel- opinion changing experience!

I had been somewhat supportive of the Palestinians when I came to Israel. 
The visit to Israel  and other Arab Nations changed my opinion.
I still feel Iran should be allowed to have an atom bomb as Israel probably has about 200.
On the tour I was told that Saudi Arabia has missiles from China and they are pointed at Iran, not Israel.  Since the Saudi's paid for the Pakistan nuclear weapon program, the Saudi's  probably own a atom bomb that is stored somewhere nearby.
I am against preemptive strikes by America.
Deterrence held back Stalin and Mao.  Whoever uses the atom bomb first or a terrorist dirty bomb will have hell to pay.  I know those views are not widely shared.  I had read the book, the Israeli Lobby and strongly advise people to read it.  I believe it gives a fair analysis of the Israeli situation.
However, it is clear to me the Israeli's are kept to a higher standard than the Arab states.
Black September was when the King of Jordan kicked the Palestinian refugees out of his country.
The West Bank of Palestine is a stones throw from Jerusalem.
I was on the old road called Carda, with a group of Israeli school children.  I didn't see the usual armed soldiers to protect them when they go on an outing.  I found out there was one parent to every five children.  Each of the parents was armed with a gun to protect the children if there was a terrorist attack.  If this situation existed in America, there would be no West Bank of Palestine.
We need to let the Israeli's do what they need to do and we need to not interfere with the affairs of the Middle East.   We can't afford these wars anymore.

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