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Monday, November 16, 2015

This is what the disease of Chronic Obesity Looks like

8 years 9 months weight loss maintenance
64 year old next month.
Photo taken 11-15-15
My ideal body wt. at 5’ 11” = 172 lbs IBW

280- 172= 118 lbs EBW (Excess Body Weight)

280- 200= 80 lbs WL  (Wt. Loss)     After 13.5 mos on Cruise 3 Hour Diet

280- 258= 22 lbs WL        1-1-11 or 3 years 6 months after starting diet

280-228= 62 lbs WL          11-13-15 On 5 medicines for weight loss link


13.5 months 67%

3 years 6 mos  22%

8 years 9 mos  52% 
                                           Nov, 15, 2015

April 2004 

October 2005

80 lb weight loss

I maintained my weight loss 
from Nov to July 5/2007
with 1500 calorie diet and 2 hour day exercise

In Dec 2007 I found it impossible to get below 200 pounds with 1500 calorie diet and 2 hours exercise a day.  

I decided I needed to eat more and build up muscle to build up metabolism.  I had not formulated the Sponge Syndrome yet. 

50 lb weight regain
12-1- 2010
Togo, Africa



Charlie the Crocodile 

      In 1996 I published the The Fen Fen diet pill program 
       I was 272 pounds with a 49 inch waist Oct. 1995
            I could bench press 340 pounds free weight.
I lost 50 pounds in 3 months on Fastin and Pondimin. 
220 lbs waist 42 inches in 1996.

My first big weight loss was in 1988.  
I went from 245 pounds to 208 pounds. 
I attended Overeaters Anonymous Meetings.
I went to Nautilus weights 3 times a week and jogged daily while on 1,000 calories.  I stayed at this weight for a few months but the deprivation was too much and I quickly went up to 220 pounds. 

6-17-1970  173 lbs waist 35”  5’11” 19yrs 6 mos
 BMI 24    70th %tile

Went on Weight Watchers Diet in High School.  Photo in April 1968, I am at 5'10 and 160 lbs and my BMI is 22 and I'm at 70% tile.

9-19-1965  175 lbs  5'8.5”  BMI 26  13yrs 3mos at 95th % tile                  

I always thought I was a chubby child.  I tried to pull up some photos to document it. 

1966    Age 14

April 1964      Age  12 years 4 months

8-31-1964   150 lbs  5'5”  BMI  25  12yrs 8mos  at 95th % tile
From Handbook of Obesity by Bray et. al. Vol. 1 3rd. ed.
"Nevertheless it should be noted that only about 75% of US children with BMI > or equal to 95% tile appear to have particularly high amounts of body fat; thus BMI is a first screening tool to identify children who may be overfat even when BMI reaches the cut point for obesity." 

August 1960. I was 8 years 8 months.  I was a big kid for my age.  I thought I was overweight.  I ate a tremendous amount and was very active. 

Not sure what year this was but I remember I was fitting into the size they called "husky".

My weight record since second grade 


  1. Very interesting Brian. I think you look grand as we say in Ireland, at the moment!

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