5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Monday, November 16, 2015

This is what the disease of Chronic Obesity Looks like

8 years 9 months weight loss maintenance
64 year old next month.
Photo taken 11-15-15
My ideal body wt. at 5’ 11” = 172 lbs IBW

280- 172= 118 lbs EBW (Excess Body Weight)

280- 200= 80 lbs WL  (Wt. Loss)     After 13.5 mos on Cruise 3 Hour Diet

280- 258= 22 lbs WL        1-1-11 or 3 years 6 months after starting diet

280-228= 62 lbs WL          11-13-15 On 5 medicines for weight loss link


13.5 months 67%

3 years 6 mos  22%

8 years 9 mos  52% 
                                           Nov, 15, 2015

April 2004 

October 2005

80 lb weight loss

I maintained my weight loss 
from Nov to July 5/2007
with 1500 calorie diet and 2 hour day exercise

In Dec 2007 I found it impossible to get below 200 pounds with 1500 calorie diet and 2 hours exercise a day.  

I decided I needed to eat more and build up muscle to build up metabolism.  I had not formulated the Sponge Syndrome yet. 

50 lb weight regain
12-1- 2010
Togo, Africa



Charlie the Crocodile 

      In 1996 I published the The Fen Fen diet pill program 
       I was 272 pounds with a 49 inch waist Oct. 1995
            I could bench press 340 pounds free weight.
I lost 50 pounds in 3 months on Fastin and Pondimin. 
220 lbs waist 42 inches in 1996.

My first big weight loss was in 1988.  
I went from 245 pounds to 208 pounds. 
I attended Overeaters Anonymous Meetings.
I went to Nautilus weights 3 times a week and jogged daily while on 1,000 calories.  I stayed at this weight for a few months but the deprivation was too much and I quickly went up to 220 pounds. 

6-17-1970  173 lbs waist 35”  5’11” 19yrs 6 mos
 BMI 24    70th %tile

Went on Weight Watchers Diet in High School.  Photo in April 1968, I am at 5'10 and 160 lbs and my BMI is 22 and I'm at 70% tile.

9-19-1965  175 lbs  5'8.5”  BMI 26  13yrs 3mos at 95th % tile                  

I always thought I was a chubby child.  I tried to pull up some photos to document it below. 

 Age 14
Seventh grade
On Andreas Hudde Junior High School Basketball team

October 1964      
Age  13 years 10 months
In sixth grade at Public School 89 in Brooklyn, NY

aboveAugust 1960. I was 8 years 8 months.  I was a big kid for my age.  I thought I was overweight.  I ate a tremendous amount and was very active. 
Finished second grade. 

age 7
 I was fitting into the size they called "husky".

My weight record since second grade 


  1. Very interesting Brian. I think you look grand as we say in Ireland, at the moment!

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