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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Should someone with Alzheimer's stop their statin?


On 5 mg Lipitor 10 mg Zetia 1,000 mg Enduracin 4,000 mg Lovaza

June 12, 2019  
2 months off statin
Replaced with Endur-acin 1,000 mg and Zetia

Feb 3, 2017
On statin and Endur-acin

Saturday, June 22, 2019

End of personal experiment with stopping my statin

Advanced NMR tests

                                  2-28 on Statin                          5-1 on Niacin                     6-17 onNiacin/Zetia

LDLp                                640                                        816                                         1034

non-HDLc                          85                                        109                                             91

Triglyceride                       172 Non Fasting                  113  Non Fasting                74 fasting

Total Cholesterol               135                                       175                                              154 

LDLc                                 51                                          86                                                76

Remnants                            24                                         18                                                15                                        

HDLc                                   50                                        66                                                63

HDLp                                 640                                     816                                            1033

Adding Zetia did decrease all my numbers except LDLp
Perhaps because I just returned from a 12 day Mediterranean cruise?
My weight actually improved by 2 pounds on my return.
HDLc decreased by 3 points despite being on the Beverage Package.

Ketones 0.8
Glucose 151
Weight 210.5 pounds

Difficult to tell if my memory improved.
I suspect not.
I will add a half dose of atorvastatin 10 mg (5 mg) and check it again.
I really want my LDLp to be less than 1,000.

I think the benefit of adding a low dose statin to get LDLp less than 1,000 is much more important than questionable memory improvement.

As I have written memory is overrated.

"Together they present a picture of
a man who passed into the state in which “ideas and consciousness cease to be” without the slightest resistance. Two sentences from his valedictory have echoed through the ages. “All compounded things decay. Work out your own salvation with diligence.”
Smith, Huston. The World's Religions, Revised and Updated: A Concise Introduction . HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

Last night I gave a short speech at my son's rehearsal dinner. 
 I wrote it last week and unlike others I did not read from an iPhone script. 
 I wrote down the title of each paragraph and was able to remember from that.

I can still do my two memory palaces each day. 
 55 countries of Europe and my top trips.
 My first memory palace link

My short term memory and math skills are bad. 

This blog is to help people learn how to get into the depths of an advanced lipid testing.  
The worse thing that can happen to an Alzheimer's patient is to get a stroke or heart attack,
not a little worsening of memory.   
With stress and hurry I make quick and bad judgements.  
The Alzheimer's society gives an easy meditation technique. 



Sunday, June 16, 2019

Good comeback from my fall.

Father's Day dinner.
Two days ago I fell on my face with a subsequent large black eye.
Today I can open my eye easily and have no pain.
The cosmetic part can be easily covered up with sunglasses.

I go to my son's wedding next week.   I will probably need makeup for the photos.

Alzheimer's patients are known to have sudden sharp declines in mental ability.
I think that is mostly due to strokes.
My last systolic blood pressure was 100.
I also keep my cholesterol very low.
My last Hgb A1c was 7.8.
Thus I am very optimistic.
Hence we just book another cruise to Japan in Feb. 2020.
I an quite happy and having a great time.
I just finished my yearly testing for the KUMCR research trial which is a non-treatment.
It was three days of testing.
3 hour cognitive exam
Tau Pet Scan.

I enjoy doing it as I feel I am paying it forward.
They give me $100 each year as compensation.
It gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Day one

Day two

Day three Father's Day

Saturday, June 15, 2019

My first black eye in my life

I went to help a carpet cleaner take a bookcase out of the basement, out the back door and up the hill to the street.  It was arduous for me but I thought I had it, until we dropped the bookcase while I was still walking.  I guess I had so much momentum I just kept going without stopping, I was moving forward and heading to the ground. I took 3 steps trying to slow down and regain my balance instead I went faster till I walked off the grass crashing into the concrete driveway.  I have had a few falls in the last two years due to my poor balance.  This was a very hard hit on concrete with my face bouncing off the ground.  I was dazed but got up and finished some of the cleaning work.  I had a slight headache.  I asked my partner if I was bleeding.  He said just a little.  When I looked in the mirror I had a small scrape above my left eye with little bleeding.  I put a bandaid on it and went back to my research.  Later when I got back up to check on the carpet work, he looked at my eye and was sorry to see the eye was swelling up.  I looked in the mirror.  I probably missed my best window of opportunity to prevent the swelling with ice.  I put iced peas on my eye but the swelling became much worse.  Very little pain.  I am on a blood thinner so I was worried about getting a sub-dural hematoma.  I told my wife to call 911 if I pass out.  There was no bleeding into the other eye so I was not worried about an orbital bone fracture.  There was also no pain on palpation of the bones. 

I told my wife I can't do this work anymore. 
I am too light for heavy work and too heavy for light work.
In truth it is the result of my poor balance that has worsened since my diagnosis of Alzheimer's. 
The damage of the fall could have been much worse.
Fractured hip is high on the list. 
Just as I gave up my medical license and let my wife drive most the time I need to keep adjusting my behavior. 
I go up and down the basement steps 8 times a day.
I must stop going down the steps carrying items in both hands. 
As my Dad said years ago, "always go down steps with one hand on the banister". 
I gave up going on a ladder years ago. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Off statin for 2 months, my cognitive testing seemed better to me

July 9,  2018
I had my first cognitive testing at the KUMCR Alzheimer's Center.  It took 3 hours.
It was stressful but not as bad as my Neuropsychological Assessment in Florida done on
at three different dates.
You can see the results of my Florida testing in my book:
I Am Waiting for When I forget I have Alzheimer's. YEAR ONE.

I had my second cognitive testing at the KUMCR Alzheimer's center.  Again it took 3 hours.

Interesting, I thought I did better on the test today than I had on the prior tests.
I was on Namzaric already when I took the first KUMCR cognitive.
I took todays test and had less stress than the prior tests.
My palms were sweating after the first hour which I don't remember having before.
  I was a little warm however my concentration was intense.
I have not taken Atorvastatin 10 mg since 4-2-19.  
LAB results off statin replaced with Niacin link
Perhaps that helped me with this test?

I suspect I did better after reading Moon walking with Einstein.

I learned to build memory palaces by reading the book.

Those techniques are too slow to apply for the short term memory tests.

However I did learn enough about improving my associations with the list of words by being more imaginative in making the quick tags.
I told the tester most people can only remember 5 to 9 words on a list. She seemed surprised.
She would come back to the list periodically and I found each time I remembered more words.
I think I ended up remembering more than 10 on the list on the third effort.
This success has given me hope that I may remain in early phase of impairment for years more.
I hope now to be able to write my YEAR 3 version next year.

In any event after the difficult testing I felt I had done better than one year  ago.

I took my second one hour MRI at Hoglund Scan center at KUMC.
Again it  was not so arduous this year.
Clearly because I used my two memories palaces to pass the time
I would think of my list of 55 European countries.
Then I would think of my list of top 16 trips.

Finally I would use the relaxation exercise taught by Alzheimer's Society.
I would chant

over and over again.