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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Following Body Composition with 10% weight loss

I started Qsymia on June 23, 2015 at 244 lbs.
I am at 220 lbs now Dec. 13, 2015.

I did this without feeling hungry.

I did this after stopping my weight lifting routine.
I had gained 4 pounds of weight after a month of daily weight lifting.
I had doubled my strength.
I stopped weight lifting because in Kansas if you don't lose 5% of your weight on a diet medication you must stop it or add something to it.

Here is my body composition after weight lifting and before Qsymia on 6-23-15  and 3 days ago at the Clinic after having been on Qsymia since June 23.

                                           6-23-15 after wts lifting             12-11-15          Goals

Weight                                 244.8                                              222.1               220

Total Body Fat                     31%                                               28.1%              less than 30

Fat Free Mass                      68.9%                                             71.8%
                                            167.4 lbs                                       158.2 lbs

Total Body water                49.9%                                                52.8%            more than 50%
                                           121.3 lbs                                          116.4 lbs
Muscle Mass                       46.1lbs                                               41.8 lbs

BMI                                     33.9                                       30.8  less than 30 to not be in obese category                                                                                less than 25 to not be in overweight category

BMR                               1919 cal.                                              1818 cal.
(Basal Metabolic Rate)

These measurements taken on same

 Bio-electrical Impedance  G6 Smart Series BodyCompScale.

I took a 28 day cruise on Aug 1, 2015.

I studied for the American Board of Obesity Medicine exam that I finally took on Dec. 10, 2015.
I am retired so I had a lot of time to study and be sedentary and I only walked my dog one mile a day 5 times a week.  I lost 4 lbs of muscle mass despite being on high protein diet with nutritional ketosis.

You can read why I started Qsymia after failing with Atkins and nutritional ketosis and exercise
 at this link

You can read about the different diet medication options at this link

The important question will be, can I maintain this 10% weight loss? 

The answer,  I believe, is yes if continue to treat my condition of Chronic Obesity link with chronic medical drug therapy. 

This is the revolution in medicine.  

Treat obesity first.  
Once it is treated with medicine many of the co-mobidity medicines can be stopped. 
For me, that meant Insulin and Actos was stopped.

However there is a bias against taking Obesity medicine or diet pills.  
Part of it is side effects from past diet medicines now off the market.
Much of that is avoided now with lower doses in combination with other drugs. 
Part of the bias is moral hazard.  There is a feeling the obese need to earn weight loss with hard work. 

Starvation and Exercise. 

 That has only worked for these people in NWCR link.
10,000 people out of millions. 

Obesity is a Chronic disease that must be treated chronically with multiple diet medications.  
Diet and exercise are minor components. 

The Great Starvation diet link is what most diets push and is especially what the present guidelines push to maintain weight loss.

Read this Frank Greenway MD review link to understand the science as to why diet and exercise fail to maintain weight loss.  

I believe Atkins or LCHF diet is the best to maintain weight loss lifelong.   I eat ad libitum and did not gain weight.  However even in nutritional ketosis and extra exercise I did not lose weight till I started Qsymia.  Clearly I ate less calories on Qsymia without trying and lost weight.  Remember I exercised less and was more sedentary as I studied for the boards.  

The important thing is people must realize I gave up Insulin and Actos but now I must stay on Qsymia.  It is lifelong. 

At one point I suddenly realized I was on 5 diet medications link

I first went on LCHF in 2011 and wrote about it here in this free manuscript link

Over the last five years I have documented that being on 60% fat diet has not adversely affected my lipid profile as shown here link

More importantly, I have had serial CIMT's done over the years to show good results here at this link 

I am a Diplomate and Fellow of the National Lipid Association.

I just completed taking the American Board of Obesity Medicine exam. 

I have documented my personal experience with what works.  

I hope the reader has found the information helpful if not entertaining.  





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