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Sunday, July 29, 2012

LDL-P improved despite 10 lb. gain on 60% fat diet

I gained 10 pounds after this last road trip to NC, FL and LA.  I didn't change my diet.  I was more sedentary because of driving.  I think my weight gain was mostly due to starting testosterone 200 mg IM every two weeks on May 26.  I "believe" my muscles have more tone or more response to my moderate weight lifting.   I had read that testosterone may lower HDL-C.   My HDL-C stayed the same at 47.  However,  my HDL-P went down from 30.3 to 28.2.  The latest trend seems to follow HDL-P. 


After gaining 10 pounds on a low carb diet that is 60% fat my LDL-P decreased from 779 to 504.

LDL-C went up from 52 to 58.  NOTE the reverse discordance.

Non-HDL-C went down from 63 to 62.

My Hgb A1c went down from 8.4 to 7.4. 

I made no changes to Victoza, Actos or Glucophage.

I did decrease my lipitor to 10 mg and added Niacin (endur-acin) 1,000 mg a day.

I have chronic A. Fib so I take ASA 81 mg and 4,000 mg of SAM's triple strength fish oil

Today I am 5 pounds above my weight on June 1.  Again I attribute this to testosterone.

I continue to average 3 oz of ETOH a day.  Mostly wine with dinner.  

More lab:

TG 30  (was 54)

Total Cholesterol 109 (was 110)

Non-HDL-C 62 (was 63)

LDL size 21.1(was 20.8)

Small LDL-P 163 (was 386)

LP-Insulin resistance score:17 (was 44)

HDL size 9.7 (was 9.1)

Large HDL-P 5.7 (was 4.7)
Large VLDL-P less than 0.7(was 1.2)


Nutritionists would tell me Atkins was Lipid neutral (or better) in the A to Z Gardner trial or the Sachs NEJM Comparative Diet study because of weight loss.  My book documents that I maintained my weight in 2011 with 60% fat in my diet yet my LDL-P and Apo B was execellent.

I hit 263 pounds after this last road trip.  I weighed 261 pounds when I had this last lab test done.  I decreased my statin (atorvastatin purchased in India) from 20 to 10 mg by cutting the tab in half.  I started low dose Niacin (Endur-acin 1,000 mg).

I gained weight on 60% fat and yet my LDL-P improved.  This is just one case study.