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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ATP lV effect on your medical insurance

New NCEP ATP lV guidelines will be coming out soon.

Medical nihilists may be skeptical that it is all built on a house of cards,  but it will affect everyone in the USA as to what their medical insurance pays for.

How often to get lipid panel while on treatment.
How to dose statins, whether to target number goals such as LDL-C > 70 or doses according to the best random controlled trials with primary positive outcomes.
Will advanced lipid testing be paid for such Lp (a)?
Will CIMT or CAC be paid for?
Will statin therapy start earlier for lower risk category, 1-5% Framingham risk score?

Read  article below  for my opinions.
Go to site:

 Response to Tom Naughton about Big Pharma influence on drug trials 

and how ATP lV is trying to distance themselves from that influence.  I bet Niasapan and Zetia will not be in the main guidelines as there are no RCT with positive primary outcomes for them.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Latest lab 2-23-13

 I continue to document the success of LCHF diet with 3 different advanced lipid testing labs.  After going on 60% fat in Jan 2011 without changing my medicine and decreasing exercise, I am amazed at my particle results.

Berkley Lab apo B 60
Vap Lab apo B 53
Liposcience  LDL particle number 345

I don't know any other study that has done this.

For original labs go to:

Lab from 2-23-13