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Friday, October 12, 2012

Lab after 37 days on Oceana Cruise

It continues to amaze me that my LDL-P  is excellent on a low carb, high protein, high fat diet.
I had wonderful food on the cruise.  I was never hungry.

LDL-P  733
LDL-C  86
Small LDL-P 349
Pattern A 21.0 nm
HDL-C 46
HDL-P  30.9
TG 35
TC 139
Non-HDL cholesterol 93
LP-IR score 22

Before we left for Europe, I weighed 261 pounds on Aug. 14, 2012.
During the 47 days in Europe, I went off IM testosterone as I thought this drug caused my weight gain.
On 10-5-2012 back in Topeka, I weighed 250 pounds.
I had lost 11 pounds while on my usual low carb diet.