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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Busstleton, Australia Jan 4, 2019

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Peter Attia podcast with Ruby Leibel PART 2 Anabolic and Catabolic effect of insulin not discussed

Insulin's paradoxical effects in lean and in obese.

  Insulin in lean non-IR & obese IR, peripheral ANABOLIC insulin
(except in uncontrolled DM w high glucose) 
central CATABOLIC Insulin (shares same brain pathway as Leptin). 
 How does IR and Leptin resistance affect central pathway?
 Leptin negates #LCHF in reduced obese in terms of decreasing appetite. 
 "Based on all of this evidence, we hypothesized that insulin and leptin act in concert in the CNS 
to regulate caloric intake and expenditure."

Friday, January 4, 2019

Review of Peter Attia's Podcast with Rudolph Leibel

Excerpt's below from link found at:

Peter Attia's Podcast

My comments about the Podcast in purple.
The man cheated of the Nobel Prize link

This is Peter's polite approach below.

Hyperplasia of Adipocytes in rats from podcast

 The below page comes from

Treating obesity seriously: when recommendations for lifestyle change emailconfront biological adaptations

Christopher Ochner article link

Quote from page below

"Evidence suggests that these biological adaptations often persist indefinitely, even person re-attains
a healthy BMI via behaviourally induced weight loss."
I was disappointed when Peter Attia did not ask questions about the reduced re-gaining weight. Unless I missed it they seemed to talk only about weight loss."

"fat cells were being filled up because the brain itself was pushing the substrate"
I believe this is due to low leptin in reduced obese
"Leptin levels were low in these individuals, low but proportional to the reduced amount of weight"