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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Free Alcohol

Notes at 33,000 feet

I just had two Whiskey’s on Delta airlines on my way home from NYC.

I am in economy and it’s a 3 hour flight.  I am not afraid of flying, especially at age 63, I know the inevitable is coming and death in flight is better than death with Alzheimers.

Still it is God awful boring.  I read and I stand but it is so boring.

If there was ever a reason to have a drink this is it.

So I ask for a double Bloody Mary and I will buy a wrap turkey sandwich because I last ate 5 hours ago.

They don’t have vodka.

I am no longer on Victoza because of stomach discomfort.

I want to eat because I know I will get hyperphagic if I wait two more hours to eat.  A smart person would have brought a protein bar.  Ha!

Anyway, they have no lunches for sale, but they give me extra peanuts (they really should have pistachios, walnuts or almonds) and  offer more free snacks.

I don’t want the carbs but then I realize I am hungry.  (always a revelation to the reduced obese), so I ask for some biscuits, which the Delta steward was very generous with and gave me two without my asking.  Nice.

Anyway, I agree to two whiskeys and a diet coke.  I taste the whiskey and after a week of (near) abstinence at the conference I taste the whiskey and I realize I don’t need the diet coke.

I give them my credit card and their  transmitter doesn’t work so they give me the whiskey for free. ( I had already opened it).

Anyway, life is good.

Alcohol dissolves will power, but after a week at an Obesity conference I was taught once again that the reduced obese don’t suffer from being lazy or lack of will power, they have a chronic disease called Obesity which was probably caused by epigenetics in fetus or being too fat as a child. I hope I can go home to Topeka and spread this message and teach folks how to maintain weight loss with satiety.  I am excited and feel empowered with knowledge.  It’s better than my last 3 trips around the world. 

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