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Monday, February 1, 2016

Before Bariatric Surgery consider Diet medications

Please study the slides below.  

Patients may think surgery is easier than pills.
Patients may not know pills can now be taken for the rest of their life.
Patients may not know that when one pill wears off he can add another one to the present one he is taking.

Most importantly,
 as he regains weight after surgery 
a good program will start him on diet medicine.

 Surgeon Denis Hami slides from Wash DC OMA meeting

Surgeon Denis Hami slide from Wash DC OMA meeting

All weight loss results in a reduced obese state which ultimately causes a physiological state that causes the body to regain weight.  Surgery has best early result but many people have recidivism with surgery and will need to add multiple diet medications to maintain most weight loss.  Some day in the future we will hopefully see a graph proving this.
This 10 year data from SOS made me a believer in Bariatric surgery.  The next waterfall slide reminded me of the truth for many people in these studies. 

The Waterfall effect of results in diet trials.  
Note the 5-9% weight gain after 6 years after gastric bypass surgery.

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