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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Why isn't there a program to prevent the 100,000 sudden coronary deaths?

Essay on my angst over the death of the ATP IV guidelines

Physicians have been waiting for the new NCEP ATP IV guideslines since December 2009.

Last month it was announced there will not be any new guidelines.

In the meantime there are 100,000 sudden deaths a year while no organization addresses the true present ability to prevent these deaths with early diagnosis of plaque by CIMT and CAC and inexpensive and safe treatment with generic statin and over the counter wax matrix niacin called Endur-acin.

As it may have been with James Gandolfini, sudden death is the first sign of the unstable plaque present in the patient in 30 to 50% of the cases.

On July 27, 2013, Kid Kraddick dies during golf game at age 53
 Is this another case of death being the first sign of coronary artery disease?
Will the media ask why there is no program to stop this epidemic of deaths?

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