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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Look Ahead Trial as per Dr. Gary Foster

Look Ahead Trial 50 second video

Dr. Gary Foster's lecture at Obesity Review Course in April 2015

"This is the best science available taken from places across the country who are good at implementing it."

"This shows that you can get good weight loss with behavioral change"

"3.6 delta" (weight loss % change from control) after 4 years.

My comment:
After the lecture I asked Dr. Foster if Orlistat was used in the treatment arm.  He said yes, but he didn't think it was much.

My research    showed this:

Orlistat used to lose weight in intervention arm. (ILI)
Orlistat is a weight loss drug.
Go to page 31 in supplement on drugs. 10% use in year one Orlistat 8% wt. loss

As Orlistat use decreased in yrs. 2, 3 and 4, the weight lost % went down.

Others blogs on Look Ahead:

1-NEJM Look Ahead Lifetsyle changes with negative outcome

The LOOK AHEAD trial failed in its primary outcome NEJM July 11, 2013.
However secondary outcomes at 5% weight loss  were good.  2014 Dec  Pi-Sunyer X1.
The LOOK AHEAD trial is one of the longest diet studies on record. 

2-39%  > 10% weight loss 4 eight years in Look Ahead 

However, then you look at the control results (DSE).
24% of the control group lost more than 10% of weight after 8 years.  WOW! 

 This is called the Waterfall result in diet trials.

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