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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Serial CIMT to determine if your diet is healthy

I had regression of atheroma in wall of carotid after starting LCHF in 2011.
My data at this link 

           Average CCA Mean               Average CCA Max Region
12-17-09      0.599 mm                              0.741 mm
12-8-11         0.563 mm (.036 less)           0.661 mm (.08 less)
12-20-12       0.566 mm (.003 more)         0.676 mm (.015 more)
12-19-13        0.583 mm (.017 more)        0.709 mm (.033 more)
11-20-14        0.575 mm  (.012 less)          0.679 mm (.030 less)
12-03-15       0.555 mm (.020 less)            0.675 mm  (.004 less)

I asked Dr. Moriarty what he thought about the plaque on the right bulb.   He wrote back to me:

"Congratulations, once again your IMT decreased from the last analysis ( average mean 0.555mm and average max 0.675mm). For the first time you have demonstrated plaque on the right carotid bulb (1.5mm). This is not uncommon to develop plaque as your IMT decreases.  If you think about lowering the base of a mountain than the peak will appear taller."

 The above slide is from Dr. Seth Baum's video
You can find this great 28 minute video at Cardiologist validates Tubby Theory 4 years later

SHAPE 2008 

SHAPE 2007

SHAPE 2006

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