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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hitting a plateau on diet medications? Then a sudden setback of 5 pound gain from one Chinese take out.

In 2 weeks I have not lost any weight.  Plateau?  Seems too soon. 

I probably need to stop drinking but I'm not drinking that much. 
I am eating less due to the diet medications (Qsymia & Victoza).
I am in nutritional ketosis. (Due to Atkins & Invokana?)
My glucose is better than ever due to Invokana and 27 lb weight loss)

No starvation diet

It's been a long time since I have been under 220 lbs.
I got here despite little exercise and eating ad libitum Atkins. 

 I have not been hungry and I drink wine and cocktails. 
I have learned to not crave the sweets so much.  

I seem to have replaced them with alcohol, almonds, and yogurt.
I take a rare bite of my wife's dessert and have a rare bagel and pasta dish. 

 Thank you Qysmia and Victoza and Invokana and Metformin and stopping Actos.  No strenuous exercise.
This is a program I can maintain for life to maintain my weight loss. 
My data     weight           glucose      blood ketones
 1-7-16        217                 122                     2.5 
1-9-16:       215.2               145                     1.9
1-11-16      221                  137                     1.0
1-12-16      218.8               121                     1.8 
1-14-16      216.6               125                     2.6

 White Shrimp, Curried Beef,  Shred Pork

I tried not to eat much rice. I suspect much of the weight gain is water.  I will see tomorrow.  Driving for four hours and being sedentary all day does also contributes to the sudden weight gain.

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