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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Getting ready for New Orleans NLA meeting on May 19, 2016

I plan to open The Topeka Obesity Lipid Clinic in June.

I am board certified in NLA and in American Board of Obesity Medicine.
I hope to help bridge the science of both disciplines.

I just received my poster in the mail for NLA meeting.  Stop by and ask me about it.
In this blog I review an article about the lost data from the Minnesota trial.  It was a RCT that was ignored.
I am glad my N=1 case study poster was accepted at the NLA.

I am presently studying to take my re-certification boards in Lipidology in Aug. 2016.
The new data on the Minnesota trial interests me as it supports my CIMT case study.
Guidelines use flawed data. 
1- You can't outrun your fork.
2- Cholesterol from eggs probably is a CVD risk only in hyperabsorbers of cholesterol.
3- My 60% fat diet is largely saturated fat. It did not affect my lipid PARTICLE status or CIMT results.  
Exercise, weight loss, medications, diet were not changed through most of my case. 
I started losing weight when I added invokana, stopped insulin and then added Qsymia. 
4- New studies must focus on lipid particle data and obtain CAC and CIMT data.
This is a link to the two great reviews on the latest science of obesity.
It explains why diet and exercise fail to prevent weight regain in most of the reduced obese. 
  LOOK AHEAD trial:  The Great Failure of Diet and Exercise over 10 years. 

Quote from the NEJM paper:
"Weight loss was greater in the intervention group than the control group throughout
(8.6% vs. 0.7% at 1 year;
 6.0% vs. 3.5% at study end)."  (2.5% difference)
Under the best of circumstances this the best diet and exercise and behavioral reinforcement accomplished after 10 years.  It is the best head to head RCT there has been done.  It was a negative trial.

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