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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Experts Pivot away from the Science of the Biggest Loser. Very Sad.

My comments in Purple.

Gary Taubes

"Dieting doesn't cure obesity.

That's not news, although it was reconfirmed last week in a particularly mediagenic fashion in a study published by National Institutes of Health researchers.
The researchers followed contestants from the “The Biggest Loser” television show as these formerly obese contestants proceeded to regain most of the massive amounts of weight they had lost on the show.
As reported in the journal Obesity, these “Biggest Loser” contestants were the victims of “metabolic compensation.”

As they tried to keep their weight under control, their bodies remained particularly resistant to expending energy.

The findings implied that to maintain their weight loss they would have to remain hungry and calorie-deprived for the rest of their years, and they might still regain the weight they'd lost and then some. For anyone with weight to lose, the message was dismal."

I am a big fan of Gary Taubes.  His book, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About it? changed my life (Tubby Traveler from Topeka).
My book in 2011 based on my personal experience of being one of the reduced obese after losing 80 pounds with a reduced calorie diet (3 hour diet by Jorge Cruise).
Despite 2.5 hours a day of exercise I gained 1.5 pounds a month with low glycemic fruit for a total of 50 pounds.  I went on Atkins after reading Gary Taubes book.  I decreased my exercise to 20-40 minutes walking a day.  I ate ad libitum Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet or Atkins.  Despite going on several cruises I no longer gained weight on Atkins.

However I did not lose weight on Atkins even when I was carefully documenting nutritional ketosis. I finally lost weight on Atkins with NK when I added Qsymia

I am very disappointed with Gary when he pivots away from the science of reduced obese validated by Biggest loser data and goes to theory of what causes obesity.
We don’t know yet what has caused the Obesity Epidemic.  Perhaps bacteria?
However we know so much now that Gary does not even mention.

Attention @Dmozaffarian @davidludwigmd @garytaubes:

Please read these fantastic recent reviews of Obesity Science:
Ochner and Greenway

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