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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Validation of Sponge Theory with MiRNA's sent out by fat cells

Fat Cells talk to other cells- new data link

This is a clip from Science Magazine with link above.

This may be the final piece of my Sponge Theory in the Reduced Obese that I first formulated in my book, The Tubby Traveler from Topeka.

In 2012 I published the reason why people who lose a lot of weight can't maintain their weight loss.  It is because the billions of excess become shrunken but the never go away.   The fat cells with low fat are know to put out very little Leptin.  This tells the brain the body is starving.  Thus people gain weight on low calorie diets by increasing appetite, lower body temperature and lower metabolism rates.   Apparently it is not only leptin doing this which has receptors all over the body it is also done by MiRNA's  as exomes in the blood according to the new data provided in the article above.

 Not only does the low level of leptin cause weight gain but the MiRNA's cause weight gain because there are so many excess fat cells that individually send out so many MiRNAs the body will regain weight.

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