5 Steps to prevent Heart Disease

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A day at the Hilton before cruise, trying to recover from jet lag.

Queen  Victoria's Market, Sydney

 Queen Victoria's Market
 View of Sydney from 40th floor Hilton Room

Review of Benefits of Statins 2018

My critique of Reuter's article link

I make comments(in purple) to this good article.

My comments add a personal clinical perspective from treating 200 patients in my lipidology practice.
 Chapter 12 from The Tubby Theory of Topeka link

My most important critique is that any muscle pain after statin should NOT be ignored.  

Statin dose was probably started at too high a dose. 

Always start at lowest dose and then add Enduracin (nicotinic acid) 1,000 mg in a month if non-HDLc goal not reached.  

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I went to the future and all is good

We left from Australia on Dec 10th and arrived on Dec 12, 2018. 
I jumped past Dec 11 into the future, never to see that day again.

The incredible fact is I went through 16 time zones from LA, CA to Sydney, AU.

While my friend from New Jersey went through only 5 times zones. 

Monday, December 10, 2018

Los Angeles Train Adventure

We have relaxed in LA for the past five days 
in preparation for our 15 hour flight to Sydney.  I have been in Los Angeles a few times.  Previously I rented a car to drive around the area.  This time we took an Uber to LA Union station and jumped on the Oceanside train for 1.5 hour ride to visit our friends in Laguna Niguel.  It was first time I had been on LA trains.  The extensive network is impressive.  I was surprised how few people were on the train on Sunday. 

Good article by Gina Kolata NYT on recent Obesity conference.

NYT article critique 12-10-18 link
My comments in purple.

I think the two excerpts from the NYT article are important.
 "The body fights to regain weight".  I wish Gina Kolata had reported more on what the conference said about THE BIGGEST LOSER article she wrote.
Gina writes there is "nothing new in the diet universe".   Not true.  4 new diet medications that should be taken for life for the chronic disease of obesity.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Grand Central Market, Los Angeles 12-7-18

Good place to visit and eat in Downtown LA. We had never walked around this area before.  Round trip it was more than 2 miles.  We had our maps and our GPS.  Nice to know we can still head out in a strange city and navigate.  


 This is where we purchased our taco lunch.  We knew it must be good, it was the only place with a long line. 


 Two tacos al pastor.

  I bought a Sesame bagel here to toast later at hotel.  It was excellent

Beautiful walk from Sheraton Grand to Pershing Square12-7-18

 Angel's Knoll
 Angel's Knoll
Angel's Flight